William Gustafson

I am currently a sixth year graduate student in Mathematics at University of Kentucky, studying under Margaret Readdy. My research interests are Algebraic Combinatorics, Eulerian posets and regular cell complexes, lattices, poset topology and Coxeter systems. You can contact me at wlgu222@uky.edu you can find my CV here.

I gave a talk titled "Lattice minors and Eulerian posets" at the University of Minnesota Graduate Students Combinatorics Conference, the Graduate Online Combinatorics Colloquium, UNC Charlotte Algebra Combinatorics and Number Theory Seminar and the UK discrete CATS seminar. You can view the talk slides here.


I am currently leading recitations for MA 123 Elementary Calculus.

Past courses:

MA201 Math For Elementary Teachers (Spring 2020)

MA322 Matrix Algebra (Summer 2019)

MA109 College Algebra (Spring 2019)

Past recitations:

MA114 Calculus II (Fall 2020)

MA213 Calculus III (Fall 2019)

MA110 Precalculus (Fall 2018)

MA113 Calculus I (Spring 2018)

MA162 Finite Math & Its Applications (Fall 2017)